Agriculture 4.0

Applying research to make a real impact on agriculture

Technology does not provide any benefit on its own, it requires a processing system that adds value

Committed to a use of technology that benefits us all

Our mission is to help our customers and brands move from traditional farming to Agriculture 4.0

By definition, AgroAir Technology is an agrotech company, whose purpose is to carry out integration projects, data analysis and crop monitoring through the latest computer techniques: Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT. Digital technology is the core of what we do, but we are proud to help the farmer make the transition to a 4.0 agriculture, provide him with the most powerful technological tools to be more competitive and help him make the best decisions


José Antonio Gutiérrez

CEO & Co-Founder

Joaquín Duque

CTO & Co-Founder

Alfonso Gutiérrez

IT Manager