A Successful Innovative Project

Agroair Techonology arises from the idea of using new technologies taken from other sectors and applying them to the agricultural sector, with the aim of obtaining useful information to increase productivity, reduce costs and thus increase the competitiveness of the sector.

The "startups" of Cordoba in four cases

José Antonio Gutiérrez has created the company Agroair Technology, dedicated to the monitoring, analysis and management of data in agriculture.

Closing of the Santander YUZZ

programme at the Provincial Council
The prize for the best idea applied to the province was awarded to the Agroair Technology Startup.

Campus de Excelencia Internacional Agroalimentario (ceiA3) Premios Emilio Botín 2017

Agroair Technology, resulta premiada en los premios en emprendimiento del  Ceia3,  una empresa del sector Agrotech (I+D+i), que ofrece servicios de agricultura de Precisión, en el cual se desarrollan sistemas de análisis automáticos de gran cantidad de datos ‘Big Data’.

Santander Yuzz

Campus of International Agrifood Excellence

SmartAgrifood Startups

InviertLab Program